Fucking Solidarity: queering concepts on/from a Post-Soviet perspective

Dear friends and comrades,

Please have a look at our wonderful bi-lingual conference videos!
We will continue to post them here ... so stay tuned!

“Global Standards” and “Internalized Coloniality”: How Feminists in Russia See the “West” by Vanya Solovay


На глубине политик опыта - In the depth of the politics of experience



Dear everybody,

The Fucking Solidarity Collective (Kathi, Masha, Masha, Salta, Sasha and Tania) says a big thank you to everybody, who was there to present, listen, translate, criticize, ask questions, challenge structures, offer support, wash dishes, discuss activism and fuck with ideas around the tricky concept of solidarity!

We thank all the artists and people, who helped us preparing the exhibition: from dragging heavy walls, computers, etc. to hanging artworks and brining in conceptual ideas and support. Special thanks go to Siajvo and his amazing poetical texts that made the concept of our exhibition deeper. 

We want to thank all the people, who shared their privileges by translating a lot of materials before the conference and who offered silent translation during the event: Anna, Daria, Dinara, Nelli, Olga, Sasha, Siajvo, Vanya, Volha, Xüsha. Thank you! You made the space accessible to everybody and without you all this would have been impossible!

Thank you to all the moderators for helping us with the difficult task of being on time with such a packed schedule. Some of you filled in the very last minute and we are super thankful that you helped us out.

We want to thank our amazing caterer, Migrating Kitchen!  Everything was just perfect and we were so lucky to have you there! 

We also want to thank people who opened their houses for our participants and made them feel welcome in Vienna: Alexandra, Andrea, Asia, Campus Hostel (Raffael), Irene, Iva, Jasmin, Jonah, Kat, Kathi, Lars, Michael, Miljana, Sasha, Susanne, Tania, Vera, Veronika. Your generosity and warmth made our conference possible. 

Many thanks go to our sponsors: Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, Referat Genderforschung, Universität Wien, Gender and Agency Forschungsverbund an der Universität Wien, Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft Universität Wien, Deparment for English and American Studies Universität Wien, Philologische Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät Universität Wien, Interfakultäre Forschungsplattform Geschlechterforschung, Universität Innsbruck, Hannchen Mehrzweck Stiftung, Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Wien, Women's* Solidarity, Austrian Student Union (ÖH Bundesvertretung), ÖJAB (Österreichische Jungarbeiterbewegung/Austrian Youth Workers Movement). Speciall thanks to Frauensolidarität and Dani for hosting us and for the cooperation.

We are very sorry that Javid, Olia, Polina, Liza and Uroš could not come because of visa issues. This is just so fucked up and wrong and we are very sorry that this happened to you. It was especially devastating for us that Liza was denied her visa because the German embassy did not believe her that she is travelling to Austria for this conference and the Austrian embassy suddenly asked for a shitload of papers we could not provide in time (because you know…we had to register her with the local job center to make absolutely sure everything is in order and that she does not work illegally in Europe while organizing this conference with us). Liza was part of the Fucking Solidarity collective from the very beginning until now. Liza put a lot of brains and heart into this conference, her critique and ideas shaped the idea of the event, made it more sensitive and open to people, who are usually excluded from academia and academic formats as well as from activism and her voice and perspective were very much missed during the conference.

We are very thankful for all the feedback and the critique we got from you. It helps us to understand our fuck-ups and to improve ourselves, our activism and research in the future. We apologize for all the fuck-ups, insensitive behaviour, misunderstandings and false expectations that happened on our side. We are thankful for making us think harder about the (im)possibilities of queer solidarity and the way we want to deal with it.

We are thankful to all the migrants (be it in time or space) and all the people from the Global South and Global East, who came to this event and who were brave enough to raise their voices against North/Western hegemonies. We know that it took peole a lot of courage to make some interventions and to call out Western supremacy and we say thank you for your bravery. We are thankful to all the North/Western allies, who respected the space and were aware of their position and privilege and who took the time to reflect and explain things to their peers. It also takes a lot of courage to step back, listen and re-think ones possition. We hope for an open dialog because we are all fighting the same shitty system afterall! 

 We are thankful to all the activists (be it offline or online) and all the people organized outside of institutions, who were there and raised their voices to critisize the multiple exclusions produced by academia and discuss ways of sharing knowledge and make it accessible to as many people as possible. We are thankful to all the scholars, researchers and academics, who were there to listen to this critique and who engaged in this dialogue. We know that many of you, like many of us from the collective, are both- researchers and activists. We realize how difficult it is to discuss these matters and we had the impression that the discussion has just begun and there is so much more to think, say and change about the difficult relationship of the two. For now, we are just very thankful that we were all there, reclaiming and intervening into the academic space of the university of Vienna, which was and still is excluding and marginalizing womyn, people of color, ppl from the working class, non-heterosexual and gender non-conforming folks. 

We are inspired by you, your art, academic work and activism, so thank you for sharing it with us for these intense but fruitful days! We will lay low for a couple of weeks to regain our energy back and deal with some financial aftermath and we will come back to you soon with a new project! This time we will announce the call for papers/contributions to the anthology of the conference. 

Our amazing and much loved photographer Patrick already sent the first video, which is now available here.

We thank Patrick, Vladimir and Viki for providing photo documentation and videos!

Stay tuned for hearing more from QP8,
your Fucking Solidarity Collective


Dear comrades/colleagues/lovely beings!

Here comes the (hopefully) final version of the FUCKING SOLIDARITY program!

We are so excited about it and looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!

part VIII of the international conference series Queering Paradigms.
University of Vienna, Department for English and American Studies

20-23 September 2017

The Queering Paradigms network is dedicated to examining the current state and future challenges of queer studies from a broad trans-disciplinary and polythetic perspective, and by interrogating numerous social, political, cultural and academic agendas.

With our conference ‘Fucking Solidarity’, we ask for the possibilities, gains and limits of (our) queer solidarity. We want to ‘fuck’ with the idea, the theories, the practices and the art of solidarity, from different angles, different spaces, from and with different groups. Investigating into the erotics of queer solidarity, their drives, and desires behind it we reflect on hegemonies and the possibility for anti-hierarchical or empowerment. We are interested in the possibilities of queering existing concepts and practices of solidarity, especially those solidarity approaches towards the post-soviet/post-socialist and postcolonial spaces and their respective inhabitants.

Fucking Solidarity is interested in constructive criticism. We hope to learn about new approaches and ways of solidarity, from queer-feminist, anti-racist, anti-hierarchical, horizontal, inclusive, “check-your-privilege”, decolonizing perspectives.